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The Big Data

avril 9th, 2015 · No Comments · Non classé

Big Data is all the information about customers that have been collected by a company and it becomes a more and more important tool. Some brands even base their all strategy on this because of the mass of information that it contains, and it was worth more than 10 billion dollars in 2013.

But we can ask ourselves how to use this huge amount of data in an intelligent way.

Customer relationship: identifying the good interlocutor

The purpose of the company is to get in touch with it’s customers. Data management means at least to understand his profile as soon as possible to adapt the experience that is proposed. But this is not as easy as it sounds because the information that we send are different and we send them through different medias and canals. Elements available for identification are not on the same. This implies to have the right information at the right time.

When customers take control

All of these exigencies are changing a lot how we manage customer relationship and animation of sales networks. The companies are not counseling any more and consumers become “consum’actors”: they want self-service and self-care to take the power.

Customer relationship is deeply transforming as well as Public Relations, Marketing, Sales Force and Desktop Publishing.

Nowadays, Customer-Relationship Management also means Social-Relationship Management, Collaborative-Relationship Management and Experience-Relationship Management. These extensions show that new solutions for Digital Marketing are emerging and that other tools to automate the collection of data will appear, which is a form of artificial intelligence.

Jeanne HURT


Using Social Media to Strengthen Customer Relationship

avril 8th, 2015 · 1 Comment · Non classé

Every prospect or customer is already using social media. Because people spend so much time on these platforms, it is easy for a company or a brand to be seen and to create an image and a reputation in these online communities.

Targeting the customers is easier

Because social network users are following brands they like, belonging to certain working or cultural groups, participating to events, it is very easy to target different types of customers. For example, Mc Donald’s will not communicate on a group fighting for organic food or against Monsanto.

Stronger message

But people are also looking for quality content on social network because they are much more active by sharing valuable information. This means that the communication on social networks should be interesting, funny or playful, but the message has to be strong enough to stay in their mind and not to go away because of the amount of other information they will find online.

Interact with customers

Social medias are a direct link with the consumers. There is an interaction between the people and the brand and it shows the company’s availability for its customers. Relationships are about sharing and it cannot go from one side. Listening is very important. This makes contact possible and can be very useful in case of crisis communication.

Social medias are probably the best way to create a relationship with customers, and sharing good content on Facebook or Twitter, being partner and validated by influent bloggers, being artistic on Instagram,… is a new active way to share and create confidence.




The keys to good customer relations

avril 6th, 2015 · No Comments · Non classé

Customer relationships are essential for a company. Indeed, it is they who will ensure the success of a company and that will maximize the benefits of the company.

To favor its customer relationships, a company must regularly find new customers and build customer loyalty by offering better services.

Customer relationships may be between a company and a customer but also between two different companies.

With good management of customer relationships, a company may offer the best product or service at the best price, communicate and be responsive, targeted customers but also respond to different needs, complaint or concern on the part of its customers.

Customer relationships depend on three axes:

  •   Relationship marketing: loyalty relationship between the customer and the company
  •  Communication : Use different communication channels to make themselves known.
  •  Manage the commercial relations of the company : Manage orders, relationships with distributors, suppliers and employees.

We must remember that customer relationships are important to a business. This requires treatment contact with his interlocutor to retain contact and get profits.



Let the costumer be the king

avril 6th, 2015 · No Comments · Non classé

Everybody say that the customer is the king, well it’s true.

When we offer a service we have to give what the costumer wants and needs.

For the good of the company, it’s very important to be well known by the clients, or the futur customers.

Why ? Because customers are the only one who will make the reputation of your business.

If employees are nice, patient and give good advices to the customers, they will come back and just say good things about your business.

The reputation is extreamly important.

So, be nice with the client !

Joséphine ROUSSEL



septembre 12th, 2014 · 3 Comments · Non classé

Dear readers,

Welcome to L’Alimentation. We are a communication agency based in Paris and we want to make you see the capital like you’ve never seen it. We will search and work continuously and tirelessly to find new places to go to : shops, exhibitions, bars, restaurants, parties,…

Each month, we will criss-cross one neighborhood or one arrondissement to find every week THE place to be!

L’Alimentation is a new platform to interact about life in Paris, if you have any place to suggest, please let us know!

We are students at ISCOM.



Marie, Jeanne, Alice and Gabriel


Alimentation’s presentation…

septembre 12th, 2014 · 4 Comments · Non classé

We made a short video to presente you our cool team!

We hope you enjoy it.

With love,

Alimentation’s team

Image de prévisualisation YouTube



Social medias, a new trend ?

septembre 11th, 2014 · 14 Comments · Non classé

L’alimentation is the new agency that amplifies social media interaction about life in Paris. Through various districts of Paris, we shall give you good places like shops, parties, concerts,  exhibitions, restaurants, bars…

I’m Marie Viala, the copy writer of the l’Alimentation agency. I love to write. I am part of the creative team within the agency, with Jeanne Hurt, the artistic director. Obviously, my role is to write. Write words, sentences, articles and item for you. I try to use my drafting skills in order to have relevant words and satisfy you.

About social media recommendation, there are several things to be known :

Marie, the copy writer on the social media.

according the website www.socialmedialink, people trust more other people’s recommandation about products than they trust traditional media channels. This is why l’Alimentation agency created l’Alimentation, le blog! We are a young digital agency and our need to inform and communicate constantly is growing each day. We are conscious that today, social networks have a big place in communication and in social media recommandation. For us, social media recommandation is informing and advising people on specific topics. It is also to comment in order to recommend a brand or a place, an event via social media. But, which medias?

First, Facebook. Facebook is the most famous social network in the world. Many people go on Facebook to have various recommendations, and It works! Because many people interact, there are lots of informations about lots of topics.

After that, retail Websites :I personally love to look at them. But there are many websites and social medias today to do recommendations, like Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, or Google Plus.

After that, blogs. People trust blogs for simple reasons : they are normal people like us, we are not celebrities who write articles on their blog. It’s much easier to trust someone like ourself then a totally different person. Always according the website www.socialmedialink, people share products or services experiences online for several reasons : they had a negative experience, a positive experience, they want to help others to be informed, or they like to share their opinion with others. And this allows us to build our own thoughts releated to a specific topic. Nowadays, people need to be reassured before they buy something. And with the emergence of the web and social networks, we can ride this new wave and satisfy a general need.

Marie Viala


Communicating on event via social networks

septembre 11th, 2014 · 3 Comments · Non classé

Communicating on events via social networks

Hello! I am Jeanne, the artistic director of the agency. As a Member of l’Alimentation, I think that the best way to communicate on any kind of event is to use social networks.

Jeanne is the artistic Director of the team

First, social networks deliver informations very quickly, especially because people share content.
For example, Facebook is the best way to have many people at a party : the event planner invites his Facebook friends, who are going to invite their Facebook friends… It becomes a spider web! In a few hours 1000 people are aware that a party will take place!

This is what we want to do with l’Alimentation. First, we want to write about good places to go to in Paris, it can be shops, exhibitions, nice restaurants or bars,… And then, we want to share our articles on social networks so that people can share these informations. It will help people to find new things to do in their area, and it will also help those places to have more visibility and more customers.

We think that the immaterial and unreal life that we have on the internet should sometimes meet real life, and real things that are really happening. We want people to go outside and to see beautiful things, places and people, and social network, as it’s name indicates, is the best way to help us.

 Jeanne Hurt


Manage the web!

septembre 10th, 2014 · 2 Comments · Non classé

I am Gabriel Le Roi, and I am the community manager of L’Alimentation.

I manage the vision of the agency on the social website.

Although social website are a lot of teenagers who use them, it is very useful for the enterprise :  it will be the fonction of the community manager to manage these account :

In first, it improve the notoriety of the agency and th influence mainly for a little agency . The people can follow closely the agency. It is possible to find more clients easily. These account can be the frontage of the agency.

Moreover, the social media generates a lot of traffic, it must put some links to invite to the website of the agency.

Gabriel's workstuff

This is a way to present our image .

Also with this social media, the SEO is easiest and communicate with people is more quickly and easy ; it creates rapprochement with the clients and the followers.

So for our agency, the social website are very important almost obligatory chiefly now.

Henceforth we can’t do anything without social website. It’s very hard to develop without them.

Gabriel Le Roi